Color becomes place — A neo-romantic reaction on the de-enchantment of landscape

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Color becomes a place. Is it a water world without limitations which I try to express, with ‘water’ as the one element that passes on all cosmic-spiritual information to life on earth? Is it a world where all melts together? Is it a light world from which I sometimes can catch a glimpse when I come to inner calm and reflection?

Detail of ‘Animated earth’, Januari 2015

In any case it also is an abstraction build out of vertical and horizontal color particles. The bright colours of the first (vertical) layer I make more greyish with the ensuing (horizontal) layers. The image becomes quiet except for some sparks glowing out of the subsurface, and one dark blue accent.

‘Animated earth’ in progress: the first vertical layer.

Color becomes a place. In this yet undifferentiated, abstract color space places of light, little islands of radiating colours, come to existence. Like in wetlands where it is hard to tell water apart from land, here one can hardly distinguish the place and the entire rhythm of water-light-ether space.

‘Animated earth’, January 2015

Apparently I want to experience the closeness of paradise by painting like this. One can look at this image as a neo-romantic reaction on the de-enchantment of landscape. Several days I wander on the point of balance between enchantment and de-enchantment while painting…

Color becomes my place, a place where my essence can stay.