Crystal woods — Geomantie

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Intoduction to geomancy

Popularly one speaks of ‘earth radiation’, ‘places of power’ and of ‘energy’. What kind of energy we are aiming for in this context? After all one may say that everything is energy. I prefer to use the terms ‘life-energy/life-energetic’, and then I do not mean the physical-chemical energy, but a field that works in the unseen world.

Throughout the ages it was given different names in different cultures, such as prana, chi (Bhuddism), scalair energy (Tesla), zeropoint-energy (Einstein), morphogenetic fields (Sheldrake), tachyonic field (part of string-theory) and torsion field (Akimov). Together with a field of information the life-energetic field creates a torsion field. On places of concentrated life-energy one can experience the contrary whirling of two spirals (torus, donut).

Example of geomantic research in 2009 on a location in the Schinveld forest

Experience research

For years I researched many places in the landscape together with my partner Lidy, places where we experienced subtle sensations of tingling, streaming, a sense of lightness, heaviness or stillness, and the perception of radiant fields of color (with eyes shut). For years I compared these experiences together with groups of people, and together with Lidy I undertook an effort to name and classify these. I did so because being touched by these life-energetic places often moved me and helped me to accept that there is no separation between me, nature and earth. And above all because I experience this life-energy as an integrale part of the landscapes I want to paint.

So many different life-energetic qualities

But in the end I realised that the research of this complex area of knowledge exceeds my capability, and that time isn’t yet here to reach agreement about terminology. That’s why I restricted myself to eleven life-energetic qualities: first of all the female triangle with three angular points — the White, Red and Black place; the snake lines and Black-Mary-place, because these have the most visible impact on the growth and shapes of trees; the Solar- and Lunar places; the Michaël- and Maria-place (yin-yang, male-female); elementary beings; place of balance; and the place of Connection (of polarities, the red wire through the Crystal wood project).

Life-energetic lines and their orientation on the horizon: where two corresponding lines make an angle of ninety degrees one finds a place of power
Research to the White, Red and Black place at the Gallo-Roman three matron temple in the Eifel near Addig-Pesch in August 2012

Life-energetic places of concentration

Vibration field Concentration site
Earth Great-orthogonal-net (streaming in) / Great-diagonal-net (streaming out)
These nets anchor below (cosmic-spiritual) qualities to the earth
1. Metamorphose Metamorphose-place (transition matter-spirit)
2. Growth Place of Elementary beings (water, fire, earth, air)
Deva place (ether)
3. Rythm Star place (color, sound)
Great mother-triangle (sacred geometry)
Great father place (sacred geometry)
4. Love Hart place (Red place with Star place)
Maria place
5. Spirit Place of spiritual elementary being (ether)
Michael place (fire)
Gabriel place (water)
Place of Balance (connection male-female)
Uriel place (light)
6. Life Female triangle (snake lines of water, fire, earth, ether)
(1) Place of Wholeness (white)
(2) Place of Fruitfulness (red)
(3) Place of Transformation (black)
Black Maria place (transformation)
Earth mother place
Virgina place (male-female)
7. Connection Solar place (Michael and sun)
Lunar place (Gabriel and moon)
Place of Balance (Solar-Lunar / Michael-Gabriel)
Sjaman place (male-female)
Place of Connection (= new Michael place; orange-pink)