Streaming and radiating of water and light consciousness

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This time the journal post is not about a specific location in the basin of the Red Stream, but about my observations of water and the relation between water and consciousness.

Woman of flint; tempera on wood, 75×80 cm, February 2001

The impulse of the goddess, in the sense of the primordial cyclic connectedness with the unity of life, is intended to expand the force field of our emotional world; A force field of which the watery quality is capable of pushing through all pores of our being to connect all different aspects of our essence into one whole.

Marko Pogacnik, Daughter of Gaia
From 2007 up to 2009 I make a series of water color paintings on the subject water. Well 4; water color and ink on paper, 39×57 cm, 2007

March 2007: For the first time I get fascinated by the playful essence of water. Sitting on the bank of the Red Stream I notice how the water changes shape and hue continuously, how it takes on and lets go all information again and again on an inimitable way. When I try to observe this play nevertheless, there is the sensation of perceiving simultaneously these different qualities of water for a while — its flowing and whirling, its transparency, giving sight on the bottom and the play of shadow and light, and the reflections on the surface constantly deformed by different water rhythms — the sensation of coincide with all this.

Water branch; tempera on wood, 33×33cm, 2008

Interference patterns

September 9 2019: During a morning walk along the bank of the Vejlefjord in Jutland I notice how on the misty, silent water surface waves from different directions interfere with one another. This moment is inspiration for a series of paintings and drawings of interference patterns in which human figure is taken up.

Interfering waves in Vejlefjord

That night my partner has a dream in which people run into the water, escaping from lions. But there are lions everywhere, also in the water. Do the lions represent the power of the Earth, and the water the new consciousness penetrating humankind in this time of divergent but at the same time connected world crises?

Wavy space 2, dedication; tempera op wood, 40×50 cm, December 2019

September 27 2019: After an acupuncture treatment I feel, laying one the treatment table, how a flowing stream pulses through me, from the back of my head through my spine, again and again, as if I’m carried and absorbed by an endless wave.

Wavy space 6, inflow; water color and pencil on paper, 50×30 cm, Januari 2020


January 16 2020: Once again I lay down for a while after an acupuncture treatment as a funnel of light comes in sight right above my head, a spiral of light, greyish white and lila, in which are whirling bright yellow white spots of light. Breathless beauty that fulfills me totally. In a pulsing rhythm a vertical wave appears and disappears. Although I’m fully awake I cannot comprehend this light play. I have to use the structure of interfering waves to be able to make it visible.

The last work of the large series ‘Flow, rooted’: Passage; tempera on wood, 75×75 cm, April 2020

Streams and beams

April 11 2020: During the whole year of 2019 I felt haunted by the vague notion that many things were going to change in 2020. That entire year was characterised by assorting, clearing away and finishing things. Among others I composed some books with overview of all paintings and drawings I have made. From March the coronavirus quiesces the country. In the same period I live with the insecurity about the nature of two lymphoma that have been established by CT-scan in my upper abdomen in February. The months that follow are marked by intens silence as well as vague, but deep unrest. In this period I struggle with the painting ‘Passage’, one of the many works I made on the theme of gateway. In June I finally get the diagnosis and in July I have to undergo a series of radiotherapy. I can grow old with it. My devotion to the deeper streams and beams of life has been deepened… letting go all fear now.