Boundary veil — a new series

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‘Boundary veil’. I chose this poetic title because I experience these images — more than my former works — as poetry. While painting the subjoined work I read the following words: “On the cover the god of the art of poetry flaunted, while lifting up the veil of the goddess of nature.” (The adventurous life of Alexander von Humboldt by Andrea Wulf).

‘Boundary tree, the dance of the loved ones’, 50 × 35 cm, 2017

In an earlier period I already made some poetic images (see below). And I made some paintings with (literally) painted veils. The painting itself becomes the veil that shapes the connecting force between nature and imagination.

‘Night tree’,30x20 cm, 1986

With the concepts ‘boundary’ and ‘veils’ I refer to the unmentionable dividing line that humans set up in their perception between the visible and the invisible world. However, for me this border is only a diaphanous veil between inside and outside world — the ethereal space where human and nature merge.

Detail of ‘Boundary tree’, February 2017