A new spatiality

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From the start landscape and nature are the main theme in my work, with the ordening principle of geometry merged into this. In the course of the years I did project several geometric shapes into the spatiality of landscape — mainly the horizontal-vertical (transparent cross), but also the lozenge, triangle, oval and spiral — so that landscape also becomes a psychic-spiritual space. A search for connection between inside and outside.

‘Silence, streams, wholeness’, 70 × 50 cm, 1977

In 2017 a new period begins in which a new spatiality manifest itself, which I experience as round and all-connecting — a paradisiacal quality of unity. I don’t express this ethereal spatiality by elementary landscaping components — outside of me — but as a stream inside of me. Sometimes at night I can feel the vibrating and trembling of this stream, or deep tones, and the only thing I can do is responding to it by expressing this flow in my work.

‘Resurrection of a square’, 20 × 20 cm, 1986

Hereby three paintings from three different periods in which human figure plays a part. The first painting depicts a human standing in front of a horizontal-vertical ordered space (which reminds me of ‘Wanderer above the mist’ from Caspar David Friedrich). In the second painting one can see a rectangular shaped envelop from which an organic shaped cross grows. And in the third painting everything is round and flowing around a black figure.

Seldom I used black and white, the colours of transformation.

‘Flow, round’, 60 × 80 cm, 2017