Vertical landscape 2

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In my last journal ‘Vertical landscape 1’, I already wrote about the vertical landscape the way I painted it in Friesland. Most of the time the experience of an open spatiality became a vertical accent in my painting, similar with the vertical of human upon the horizontal of the earth, or even more as a token of my connection with the invisible world. In my art work verticality seems to return again and again. And maybe it’s my most characteristic work.

Light flowers torma 2, 140 × 140x75 cm, 1992

Some years later this vertical landscape gets continuation in the ‘Torma’ series. Here is an example one with three cirkels above one another. And later on in the ‘Animated earth 1’ series. The example shows three ovals above one another. Much more than in the Frisian landscapes here the accent lays on the internal and ethereal spatiality. And the handwriting of hatching did become more lively.

Place of resonance 4, 100 × 70 cm, 2003 / Flow, rooted 3, 100 × 70 cm, 2014

Again some years later this handwriting of hatching becomes still more dynamic in a series of drawings (Flow, rooted). And then there suddenly is the liberating experience of a subtle vibration, which I expressed so often in my paintings, in my own body: that which was distant in the Frisian period now is close and incorporated, and full of movement and flow.

Inner pulsing, 150 × 75 cm, 2016